Twitter > Create a Twitter Newsletter

The key to a Twitter Newsletter is regular - though not necessarily daily - tweets. These can fit perfectly into the lesson closure process, read more about this here.

Use a Unique Hashtag When You Tweet


A hashtag is a way of organizing tweets in twitter and is indicated when a pound sign is placed before a word.
Use a unique hashtag in your tweets to identify the month, week, or whatever unit of time that you want to delineate. Take a look at this class twitter account for the idea: Notice that the teacher uses a common string (#rm20cmc) and a date identifier (feb12) This becomes an important way to collect all of the tweets for the month when you print your newsletter.

Do lots of tweeting

Get your students to provide the tweets that summarize the day’s lessons or provide compelling questions. You may choose to add student initials to tweets that belong to specific students. Read more about this here.

At the end of the month, go to

Click "Sign in with Twitter" and give TwitPrint access to your account - It's okay, really.

Customize Your TwitPrint Settings


  1. Set twitprint to only look through your tweets just in case a rambunctious student decides to co-opt your keyword.
  2. Add your custom hashtag next to "Tweets with keyword:"
  3. Set the number of tweets high so that you don't miss anything.
  4. Click "Get Tweets" and voilà! A twitter newsletter!