Formally known as SciPlore


What is it

Docear (pronounced “dog-ear”) is a tool built from the open source mind-mapping software Freeplane and reference manager JabRef. Doclear started as SciPlore, the PhD project of Joeran Beel and Bela Gipp. The program blends several important tools, allowing a researcher to organize, annotate, search and, supposedly, draft research. As of this writing, the application is in beta.

Where can it be used in the program

A unique function of Docear allows a researcher to create an interactive literature map automatically from the folder structure of your saved research. The literature map links to the actual PDFs that have been curated during your literature review. A built in PDF reader includes annotation capability and is also searchable. Docear integrates with Mendeley, which, in turn, integrates with Zotero. Use the three in combination allows a PDFs found online to be cited, saved, and added into a literature map with automaticity.

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