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Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC)
(via EBSCO)

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What is it?

ERIC is a database that allows access to educational literature and resources. Containing more than 1.4 million records and links, ERIC offers full-text documents from various professional journals in education. EBSCO Publishing is the most-used premium research service in libraries and other institutions worldwide, EBSCO offers a suite of more than 300 full-text and secondary research databases covering all subject areas, levels of research, and user communities - from schools, public libraries and universities, to hospitals, corporations and government agencies. Pace University's library has subscriptions to several databases, including ERIC via EBSCOhost.

Why and where can it be used in the DPS program?

As DPS candidates move through the program (particularly in the Research Seminars), ERIC will prove be useful as students will be required to search and review literature for various assignments as well as their own interests for their future study.

How do you access the ERIC database?

  1. Log into the Pace University's library homepage.
  2. Under "Quick Links" select "Databases: Find an Article" link.
  3. Using the drop-down menu, select the database you would like to use, e.g. ERIC and then click on "Go to Database".
  4. Next you will be prompted to sign-in using your Pace User ID and password (e.g. "az98765w"). You will need to sign into the database if you are accessing it off the campus. If on-campus and logged into the Pace network, you will not need to authenticate your identity.
  5. Once you're logged into the database, use your search terms to find resources on your topic of interest.

How to search for resources using ERIC EBSCO?

Watch the video below for conducting a basic search for resources of interest.