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What is it?

Google Scholar is a web-based search engine that provides access to an array of full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. Google Scholar indexes both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed journals. Users can also alter the preferences to link to their specific university. That way if a full-text is available through the college/university, students can access it from their college's database.

Why and where can it be used in the DPS program?

As DPS candidates move through the program (particularly in the Research Seminars), Google Scholar will prove be useful as students will be required to search and review literature for various assignments as well as their own interests for their future study. It is recommended that students utilize Google Scholar as a supplement to Pace University's subscriptions to various databases. For example, if the university's database does not have access to the full-text version of an article, then the same search terms can be input in Google Scholar to search for the full-text version.

How do you access Google Scholar?

  1. Log into the Google Scholarhomepage.
  2. Once you're logged into the homepage, use your search terms to find resources on your topic of interest.

How to search for resources using Google Scholar?

Watch the video below for conducting a basic search for resources of interest.