Why in the DPS Toolkit?

In the DPS Program you'll have to keep track of many things--from ideas to assignments. Inspirationis a idea-mapping tool with highly flexible features. Unlike most graphically-based mapping tools it can actually convert its visual creations into actual written outlines in iWork, Word, and OpenOffice, and export for Powerpoint presentations, HTML templates, PDF's, graphics, and even create hyperlinked files (multiple Inspiration documents connected). Use it to make outlines for your papers or powerpoint presentations, organize your growing dissertation literature collection, or even to make conceptual connections as you develop your dissertation research question. A visit to the Inspiration.com website and you'll see that they describe this affordable tool as ideal for primary and secondary education--it's value for post-secondary and professional work is severely understated even by the company--try it, you might like it.

What is it?

Watch this simple video description of Inspiration's value:

Where Do You Start?

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and explore the features below:

Inspiration Features:

In Diagram View:

here you can explain relationships between ideas (templates included)


In Map View

(below left side): here you can create more detailed maps of topics and endless subtonics through extended branches, demonstrating relationships with color and graphics of any sort.

In Outline View

(below right side): with a click of a button, Map View can become Outline View and create a function outline for your paper or project. Drag ideas around for reorganization easily. Switch back and forth with a click.

Covert to Presentations:

Easily export to make presentations in other formats like Powerpoint:

Export to Powerpoint:

Take outline and select export to PowerPoint
  • Screen_shot_2012-03-15_at_1.01.23_PM.png
Watch as Outline becomes PowerPoint

Features Overview:

(From Inspiration Website's Description)

  • Print your work from Diagram, Map and Outline Views and from the Presentation Manager.
  • Transfer your work to a word processor to streamline and support project completion.
  • Save documents as PDFs.
  • Use the Site Skeleton┬« export to transform diagrams into HTML web sites.
  • Export diagrams and mind maps as .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp or .wmf files to insert in other materials.

For Mobile Devices

  • iPad


For Computers

Inspiration Links


Download 30-day Trial and explore the features below:

Training Videos

Can be found at: http://www.inspiration.com/Resources/Free-Training