Why have we included Prezi in the DPS Toolkit?

In the DPS Program you will be asked to complete many presentations. The great thing about Prezi is how it enables you to organize your ideas on a simple visual canvas while simultaneously developing your presentation. It may even be valuable as way to organize and easily view relationships between concepts as you conduct a literature search for your evolving dissertation. Check it out below:

What is it?

Tired of bland Powerpoint? Looking for a more creative way to convey ideas, concepts, presentations? Make a Prezi. Prezi is a presentation program that can be utilized for free in a cloud-based environment or by subscription for a desktop version. Prezi is a "zoomable canvas" that allows you to easily develop a presentation that is equally captivating and engaging to viewers. Powerpoint is static and requires a linear direction of movement--Prezi allows you to put ALL your ideas on ONE canvas--allowing you zoom back and forth to everything at once.

Prezi's Basic Features

Prezi's ability to organize your ideas as varying levels of visual importance, importing of media, and digital sharing make it a complete package for so many educational tasks:


Where Do You Start?

Create a Free Account with the features below. For $59 a year you can have access to an offline version, called Prezi Desktop which provides you with privacy for desktop storing and backup, as well as the insertion of larger offline media files. Basic account offers:
  • Tools to create your Prezi presentations online
  • Up to 100 MB of storage in your on line account
  • Ability to download completed Prezi's and share with others when offline

Learning Prezi provides many YouTube video links for learning how to develop your presentations as well as many downloadable examples to get you started. The Link above each video is to a corresponding "cheat sheet" to guide you.

Getting Started

Do get started on making a Prezi, open this link and watch the video below:

A Cheat Sheet

Ready to make Frames and organize your content? Watch below and click on this link for cheat sheet:


Now that you've made it, find out how to share your Prezi with others. Watch below and open this link.

Examples of Prezi Designs by Users

At Explore you can see hundreds of examples of Prezis by users. Here is their official Youtube website for many videos as well:

iPad App Prezi

Prezi_iPad.jpgPrezi Viewer App for iPad provides you with a portable solution for showing and editing your Prezi's. As the Apple description states: "View and present your prezis anywhere with simple, intuitive multitouch gestures. Drag to pan and pinch to zoom in or out of topics, just like you do in any map apps. Revise and retouch your prezis, correct typos and adjust your presentation on-the-fly."