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Real Time Home-School Connection with Twitter
Twitter is simple and flexible platform. This flexibility allows teachers to broadcast what is happening in the classroom to parents in real-time with a very low overhead. Ideally, this communication can be generated from your students as a part of your lesson closure. The steps below outline how you can use 140 characters (including spaces) to communicate with parents. Questions around the dinner table will change from "What did you learn today?" to "Can you tell me more about..."

Send home a letter

Since this is about communication, a letter home is a good place to start. This sample letter includes important information about how twitter works, safety, and how to subscribe to your feed. You will need to edit the letter with your information.

Parents will "follow" you, keep it simple - don't follow back.

When using Twitter as a home-school connection, resist following parents who follow you. This makes the communication work in one direction. Parents will not be able to reply or ask you questions - there are other, less public forums for that. If you don't follow anyone, no one gets offended.

Print a Newsletter of your Tweets at the End of the Month!

If you are interested in sending home a newsletter collection of the months tweets, follow the directions listed here.

Tweet as part of your lesson closure.

  • Twitter can become a part of your routine - build it into your lesson plan as part of your closure activity.
  • Get your students to provide the tweets that summarize the day’s lessons or provide compelling questions.
  • Chart what they come up with on the SMART Board, white board, or chart paper.
  • Consider having your students write exit tickets to record a lingering question, the most important things they learned, or a personal connection they made
  • Include initials next to each suggestions
  • When you have a moment - pick a few of the student responses to tweet - include student initials for ownership