Hi all,
Here is how I used dream weaver to log in to the server (go daddy.com) and upload my website:
1)->I create a folder on my desktop and call it my website.Also I am keeping this folder empty.I will fill it later.
2)->I open my Macro-media Dream-weaver 8 application.
3)->On the top menu bar I look for the word Site and then I click on it.So again Click on Site.
4)->Now you see the drop down.Here you are going to click on New Site.
I thing it makes sense because you are going to create a new site and put it on the empty folder you just created in your desktop.
5)->Under Category choose Local Info. In the Site Name : type my website or other preferred name.
In the Local Root Folder browse your desktops to find my website folder and select it.
Now you don't need to change other thing here and leave Links relative to: document checked.
Go ahead and Click OK
6)->Now make a few pages by:
7)->Click on File Click on New Select General tab Basic Page HTML and click Create
This will create your empty HTML page.Now you will save that page into the folder you just made to do that
8)-> Click on File located on the most left top corner of your screen. Then SAVE AS index.php If you don't save it as php the server will not recognize it. Now you fill your page with content and create a few more .php pages to complete your website.Once the design of your page is completed you will upload that website to your host.
Check the box Use Secure Ftp (SFTP) Check the box Maintain synchronization information. Click OK. When you followed this step by step instructions you would be on the remote server by now .

Local info Site definition Picture:


Uploading Your site:
FTP host: lmiraj.com
Host Directory: /final/
Login: lmiraj
Password: ***